Cucu, een duel om van te snoepen

Cucu, een duel om van te snoepen

Send us a picture or video of you taking up the challenge

Are you the really serious type, the type that is convinced fun is mainly a waste of time? Then this is goodbye to you.

Are you the type that loves a bit of fun? Show us that you have a good sense of humor, that you dare make fun of yourself every now and then. Send us a picture or video of you going completely Cucu! We from Cucu & Q can hardly wait so see your “work”. Did you make us smile, did you really make us laugh or did you even get us rolling on the floor holding our bellies … we’ll let you know soon enough. Well, what are you waiting for?!

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Challenges: top 5

  1. 01 
Explain why grass is green
  2. 02 
Imitate a chicken during one minute
  3. 03 Tell your partner about your biggest lie ever
  4. 04 Dance without music
  5. 05 Praise your worst enemy to the skies during one minute

Heads or tails: top 5

  1. 01 Who sets the table?
  2. 02 Who does the grocery shopping?
  3. 03 Who prepares dinner?
  4. 04 Who puts the garbage outside?
  5. 05 Who takes out the dog?

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