Cucu, een duel om van te snoepen

Cucu, een duel om van te snoepen

About Cucu

A word of welcome… and a warning…

Whoops too late! You shouldn’t have ventured here - once you’ve gone this far, there’s no turning back.

Cucu’s already gotten under your skin. Like it or not nothing will ever be the same once you’ve been bitten by its extraordinary character. You’ll love what makes Cucu special, it’s no use trying to deny that. After all Cucu is not just another chocolate it’s the beginning of a revolution!

Don’t worry, it’s all just a bit of fun. You’re out for revenge? Sweet revenge? Well this is it! There’s nothing sweeter than Cucu. It’s so delicious you’ll want to share it. Find a friend, a sweetheart maybe and split the treat in half. Beware though, enjoying Cucu is not without risk. The one who gets the bean hopefully also has the guts to take up the challenge. He’ll need it!

Welcome into the wonderful world of Cucu

Cucu is a sweet jewel that won’t let you into all its secrets just like that. First you’ll discover its full taste. Yummy! Sweet little thing in a tough world, makes you dream, gives you a feeling of lightness, takes you a little closer to heaven. You’d want to stay there. But can you? Cucu is also your edible ‘heads or tails’. Sweeter of course, but nevertheless challenging. Life’s a game after all. Either go for the challenge that is suggested or choose your own. For example who should take the dog out for a walk or who should do the dishes. Let’s play.

However under that sweet layer of innocence, Cucu definitely has a subversive side. How’s that you ask? Well it brings on the Cucu-attitude and heaven only knows where that could lead you. One thing is for sure, you’ll take life less seriously once you’ve discovered Cucu!

Cucu & Q doesn’t believe in taking itself too seriously!

Sometimes it just takes a chocolate to bring a little pleasure and a smile!

These days where cynicism is so often the norm in society Cucu & Q, the founder of Cucu, strives to be the exception, putting the smiles back on people’s faces with light-hearted fun, the best way possible to put things back into perspective. It all starts with our senses - taste, smell, hearing, sight, touch. Cucu indulges your palate, the name is cute and that shape begging to be broken in two and shared can’t help but bring a smile.

And that’s where the fun starts. Who will be the victim of fate? Who will be chosen to take up the challenge, whether the one on the wrapper or another one suggested by your Cucu-friend. Go on, just do it. Even loosing is a fun experience with Cucu.

Film yourself to the top of the ranking

Are you made of the stuff of a Cucu-sphere hero? Do you deserve a triple-A score on the fun ranking? If you really want to find out, film your challenge. Show us what you’re made of, with a smile of course. Post your video here. Our judging panel will send you the result after serious (not!) consideration and with minimal delay.

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